Cam in national Golden Gloves

US Nationally ranked no.1 superheavyweight Cam Awesome aimed high when he competed at the national Golden Gloves this month.  His previous record was impressive, with four appearances in the final and three tournament wins.  He faced five fights to win, and aimed to record his fourth title.

20 May 2014

In the quarter finals he beat Elvis Garcia, the top ranked boxer nationally (other than himself) and set up a semi final against the highly rated 19 year old Nick Mazurek who Cam also beat (unanimous decision).

This set up a final which was a repeat of the 2013 final (which Cam won).  This year the result was reversed with Cam losing by split decision 3-2.

Cam was disappointed but turned his attention to a forthcoming overseas tournament coming very soon.  He also reflected that he has lost three of his 49 bouts over the last year, an enviable record by any standards.