Cam aims for Olympic glory

As 2015 ends one vegan is excitedly looking forwards to the Rio Olympics of 2016.

19 December 2015

US boxing champion Cam Awesome has excelled on both a national and international level, and has boxed at heavyweight and superheavyweight. Cam, who turned vegan in the summer of 2012 dropped weight to compete at Heavyweight, which he has found very successful.

He entered the trials knowing that a top three finish would win him a place on the team, but aiming to win the trials. He boxed well over four bouts to win all four and take the title, securing a place and the title following a 3-0 win in the final.

Team USA boxing website reported him saying: “I’m trying not to cry. It’s a long road and a very emotional week. I felt like I held myself together long enough that I can go cry now. I’m very confident going into internationals. You just have to qualify in the top three but my goal is to win and try and make a name for myself in the international scene and be ranked going into the Olympics for winning one of those tournaments. I was preparing for this tournament to be number one in the world not in the country. I’ve never been in this type of shape. I changed weight classes, my only issue was that I kept losing too much weight. It’s just the beginning but this is where my life picks up from 2012.”

27 year old Cam is known for his entertainment and fun-loving approach, although he is extremely focussed when it comes to sport and the chance of success.

“I believe I have the experience, and the style and the work ethic to do it — to become number one in the world.”

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