Big Patrik’s big comeback

Patrik Baboumian’s competitive history has been nothing short of outstanding as he has competed among the strongest men in the world in strongman competitions as well as taking a European powerlifting title and world strength records as a vegan. Recently he’s been writing instead of competing – until now.

30 September 2015

Recently he was among fifteen German competitors who met in to compete in six events. This was the first competition from the German Pro League that will count towards points for 2016.

There were six disciplines which included Germany’s Loglift Championship. The events were:

  • Log lift (for maximum weight)
  • Yoke walk
  • Conan’s wheel
  • Keg toss
  • Frame carry and tyre flip medley
  • Loading race

The event was two years after Patrik set the previous record for yoke walk, walking 10 metres with 550kg. As part of his comeback, Patrik planned to make an attempt at the record. Not only did he complete 10 metres at the higher weight of 555kg, but he also completed it in 28 seconds, which was quicker than his previous word record.

555kg is over 87 stone, and is equivalent to seven fully grown adults.

Patrik also went on to take fourth place in the competition.

“This was the fourth world record break since my switch to a vegan diet” Patrik said afterwards.
“Whoever still thinks that with a cruelty-free diet you aren’t able to perform as well as any other athlete, in any sports, can now at last start to open his/her eyes and face reality.”

Patrik in action

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