Another win for vegan super heavyweight Cam

Superheavyweight Cam Awesome has travelled all over the world this year, so it made a change for him when the Ringsde World Championships came to his home state of Kansas, USA.

3 August 2014

The 25 year old was one of over 1500 amateur boxers, male and female from age 8 upwards from around the world. Fighting for the title, Cam entered the ring in typically flambouyant style with a flip over the top rope.

The fight against Nicholas Jones didn’t go entirely to plan for Cam. “He’s a tough guy, very strong. He’s a little bigger than me.” The first round saw Cam struggle under enormous pressure from Jones, although one journalist noted that it didn’t dampen his ‘megawatt smile’.

“I figured I’d let him punch himself out in the first round and then knock him out in the second round” recounted Cam. The plan worked, with Cam winning by technical knockout in the second.

His next plan is to train at the Oympic Training centre, Colorado before a tournament in Austria.

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