Another trophy for Greg

Greg has been facing an unusual problem in his category – finding competition close to his standard. “The 50+ physique division in Naples was the toughest yet but I really don't think that anyone was close to beating me” Greg told us afterwards .“I am sure that there are 50+ contestants out there that can but I have yet to encounter them. I am still undefeated in the 50+ division.”

15 September 2016

As one of six entrants in his category, Greg was ranked by seven judges against his rivals. Six placed him as the winner with just one ranking him second. This gave him an overall score of five, clearly ahead of the second placed athlete on eleven.

Future plans

The ANBF Carribean Championship in Grand Cayman on Oct 29 is the next target for Greg and his training and life partner Suzanne Llano. “After that show I will be preparing for NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh next July” he says.

Training with Suzanne is a big positive for Greg.

“When we train together we do so at LA Fitness locations all over the state. We love to train and play tennis at different locations during each week. We have favorite locations and some clubs that we will never return too. Too bad there aren’t other LifeTimes Fitness clubs in S Fl besides the converted location in Boca. LifeTime is by far my favorite place to train.”

As many would expect, diet is crucial for both of them. “Our normal training day starts with a huge bowl of croc pot steel cut oats with fruit, pea, hemp, and pumpkin seed protein. We eat this every morning and I usually add maple syrup when not prepping for a show, about 1000 calories. We then pack food for the day(at least 4 meals each plus some healthy vegan snacks) and our bikes bathing suits and evening clothes.

“We start by weight training; one muscle group per day with either abs or glutes thrown in. Then we fuel up and ride bike sprints over bridges on the intercostal. After that it’s usually 2 hrs of tennis in the mid day Florida heat and then it’s time to relax on the beach before showering and changing for date night. We love showering outdoors at the park at Boca Raton Beach.”

Greg has recently completed his nutrition/health coaching certification and SuzAnne had gained another ISSA fitness certification. This had led them both to start a new online training and nutrition business, HyperTrophy-Fitness. They can be contacted on [email protected].

Suzanne Llano is also an accomplished athlete and is not included on the Great Vegan Site because she is a relatively new vegan.

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