Another national win for vegan Ryan

Multiple world champion Ryan Stills struggled to get to the US Classic & Equipped National Championships, but still aced it.

5 March 2022

The 45 year old was limping on his way to the meet in the Virgin Islands, but still won the 120 kg category.

“The goal was to be conservative and qualify for IPF Masters’ Worlds this coming October” Says Ryan. “And that is what we did.”

Conservative for Ryan is pretty heavy for everyone else. He squatted 310 kg (683 lb) and benched 200 kg (441 lb). He knew then he could take it easy on deadlift with a 300 kg (661 lb) deadlift. This was well below his capabilities.

Ryan has been vegan since 2019.

“I don’t want another sentient being to suffer or die for me to exist”he told Great Vegan Athletes in a previous interview.“Once I came to the determination that I could not allow myself to have excuses as to why I couldn’t do this, I vowed to find a way to do it. And I have.”

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