Alex Caceres

Alex Caceras is a American mixed martial artist who has been professional since 2008. Also known as Bruce Leeroy, he fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championships as a Bantamweight, weighing in at 61.25 kg (135lbs).

2 January 2014

At the end of 2013 his record of 15 fights included 9 wins, two of which were by knockout, three by decision and four by submission. He has described his style as inventive and creative and is unusual for smiling often during bouts. He told GVA that the opportunity to show his capability in martial arts is an amazing opportunity which he enjoys and is a constant career highlight. He does not aim for titles and aims to enjoy his career before retiring at thirty to train others.

Alex has been vegan since around 2010, and now eats a high proportion of raw food. He particularly likes to eat green veg and has a lot of kale in his diet. “At first my ufc career was my motivation but now it's much bigger than that it's a lifestyle that helps any and everyone, it kinda dropped on me all of a sudden like "oh I am what I eat".”

Alex has found that most people around him have been positive or curious about his veganism. "Everyone is very much ok with it, in fact a lot of the guys ask me how it's done because of my new found energy and performance.”

As one of the most colourful and entertaining fighters on the circuit, we can expect plenty more from 'Bruce Leeroy'.

“I would just like to say that we as a people of the world should take responsibility for our planet, "Mother Earth" and give back what she gave to us, LIFE. There is no reason to love the way we do, are we not intelligent, don't we have the technology and resources, it's time we stop livening someone else's fantasy and manifest our dream, it's time to wake up to.”