192 miles in three days is fun for Catra!

“If you’re not having fun you’re doing it all wrong!”

14 April 2018

Vegan runner Catra Corbett said this about the 72 hour Beyond Limits Ultra, although we suspect that the same has applied to every aspect her life over the last few decades.

Now in her fifties and with twenty three years clean and sober following her times of alcohol and illegal drug use, she has made a terrific impact on ultra running. As one of the sport’s most recognisable and flamboyant characters, she has completed over a hundred races at her favourite distances 100 miles.

“This year my plan was to win 1st Female in the 72 hour race and beat my previous 72 hour record which was 174 miles” she said.

In practice she went a little further. She managed an incredible 192 miles, averaging 64 miles per day and finishing as the first lady and fourth overall. She managed to snatch a few hours of sleep here and there as she racked up the mileage, and fuel was important too.

“I used Unived products, they are vegan, and Muir energy gels. I used pickle juice for the salt, boiled potatoes, chips, and bearded brother bars.“

“And yes I had fun.”

Catra’s Profile

Beyond Limits Ultra

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