16 Vegan athletes to watch out for in 2015

Bill McCarthy

30 December 2014

This accomplished powerlifter has already made an impressive mark on the international stage, but has more goals for the near future. In March 2015 he targets his 6th appearance at the prestigious Arnold Sports festival and expects a total of 1900lbs (864kg). He also plans a to break his personal best total at the US nationals in May before taking his team to the RAW nationals in October. He’s hoping his team can win and says some lifters have a good chance to qualify for the 2016 World Championships.

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Alister Gardner

Alister is a member of the Canadian mountain running team and competes internationally. During 2015 he has numerous races on his calendar. Watch out for him in the London Marathon in April and in the Philadelphia Marathon in November. In August he’s taking on the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc in August, one of the toughest trail races in Europe.

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Dustin Watten

After quickly and unexpectedly turning vegan, Dustin’s fitness has been great and the US squad player has had a great season in Brazil. Now he’s playing in France and hopes to help his team to a top four place in the top national league well as playing with the US team as a top 14 member.

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Vlad Ixel

2014 was a breakthrough year for Vlad, who made himself known in the world of ultra running with some high profile victories. These include some by enormous margins – and course records. 2015 promises more excitement! Watch out for him in any 100km or 50 mile races in Asia, particularly any of The North Face series.

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James Southwood

2014 saw James achieve something amazing when he won the World title in the French-dominated fight sport of Savate. Now coaching as well as competing, we’ll be eagerly watching his progress in defending his title.

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Laura Kline

As the current American Duathlon champion, we’ll be waiting to hear how she does in defending her title. She’s also been running well, with a 50k ultra win in 2014.

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Madi Serpico

One of the most promising young triathletes in her country, Canadian Madi Serpico is already making an impression at national level and aiming for Olympic competition. While the next Olmpics are over a year ago, we can expect more from Madi in 2015.

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Meagan Duhamel

Great things have come in big numbers for this pairs skater who was National Champion, World Bronze medallist, Winter Olympic medallist and Grand Prix winner last year. Despite these successes Meagan is never one to shy away from hard work and promises more for her fans in 2015.

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Neil Robinson

He may have retired from professional football (soccer) decades ago, but the first known vegan in the English league is still involved in fitness and is planning a high profile cycle of the length of the UK in May 2015, with other elite vegan sportspeople.

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Fiona Oakes

In 2013 Fiona set three records and in 2014 she broke two of them, so we have come to expect big things from the reigning Vegan Athlete of the Year. In 2015 she plans another global challenge – seven marathons in seven continents in seven days! We will of course be bringing you news through our site.

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Cam Awesome

A deserved finalist in Vegan Athlete of the Year and winner of multiple international competitions, we do not expect the enthusiastic US superheavyweight amateur boxing champion to slow down either in his frequency of competition or his successes. He’s already beating some of the best in the world so we’ll be watching the aptly-named vegan closely.

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Peter Siddle

Peter’s a fast bowler who has played for Australia and will be hoping to be part of the squad for the 2015 World Cup. He’s also close to the magic milestone of 200 test wickets. This comes in addition to a great ongoing season at club level.

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Rob Bigwood

In 2014 Rob was seen on TV screens in his native US and abroad when his armwrestling team ‘New York Arms Control’ took on top teams across the US in the armwrestling documentary series ‘Game of Arms’. Rumour has it that a second season of the hit show is being discussed, which is sure to include the heavyweight vegan.

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Sarah Stewart

With no Paralympics and no World Championships this yar you may think it could be a quiet year for wheelchair basketball internationals. Sarah is busy with the Women's Festival of Wheelchair Basketball as the year starts, then she will play in the Australian national league competition. Paralympic Qualifiers will follow later in the year, probably around October, and Sarah will be aiming to go to her fourth Paralympics!

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Yassine Diboun

Running distances most of us can barely comprehend is one thing, but Yassine runs them quickly! He’s running in the HURT 100 miler on January 17th where he finished 4th in 2014 – this time he’s aiming for a top 3 finish.

In late March he’s targeting the Gorge Waterfalls 100k and the Cayuga 50-miler in late May. The highlight of the ultra runners calendar is the Western States 100 miles and Yassine may enter for the fourth consecutive year. As if that wasn’t enough he’s also planning some mountain climbing and other adventures.

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Patrik Babomian

Twice winner of Vegan Athlete of the Year, former European Powerlifting champion, international strongman competitor and world record holder in strength events, Patrik has been less noticeable recently as he’s turned his attention to writing and research. Who knows what else the mighty vegan be planning though?

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