100km challenges for Vlad in Singapore

Vlad Ixel aimed to continue his amazing year by taking on the North Face 100km trail race in Singapore.

18 October 2014

Unfortunately the preparation went badly wrong two days before the race when Vlad contracted food poisoning.  Struggling to breathe and suffering severe pains, he faced an ordeal to reach the start line.

He did made the start line and adjusted his goal to just finishing the event which was going to be in high temperatures and humidity.  Part of the problem was that he had not eaten well so was badly fuelled, and as a result was tired from the start.  The next hours were took an enormous amount of dedication and resolve, although he did manage to finish in 9 hours 32 minutes and 46 seconds.  Amazingly this was enough to win, almost 38 minutes ahead of his nearest rival.

“The race has played in my head over and over again in the past two days and I’m still not sure how I ran 100km with only 3 gels and half a banana. What I will take from this race is to never underestimate yourself and always believe that no matter how bad things get, my heart and my mind will carry my body when my limbs are too weak.”