Molly Cameron


Molly won the 2004 and 2011 Cross Crusade Singlespeed Series and has been Oregon state champion twice. She has achieved a large number of individual race victories in her career. 

  • Two time state champion
  • Two times Cross Crusade Singlespeed Series champion
  • Vegan for her full cycling career

“If anything, eating organic and whole food keeps my energy level and mental focus consistent.”

Finding vegan

“When I turned 15 or 16 I realized that I did not have to eat meat, so I stopped. I went vegan the same year I got in to bike racing: 1999. I was living in San Francisco and started racing on the track and lived with a bunch of vegans. To be honest, I never really liked eating animal products. It was just always in stuff I would eat.

“Y’know: burritos have cheese, pizza has cheese. But once I was surrounded by people who showed me that there were options, I stopped eating animal products right away. I was really motivated to start taking responsibility for what I put in my body.”

Three years later Molly turned Professional. “If anything, eating organic and whole food keeps my energy level and mental focus consistent. It is the logical step when living a super active and conscious lifestyle. Sometimes you have a hard time finding truly healthy vegan food on the road but, you can always hit a grocery store and whip something up.”

Molly has also become an ambassador for veganism. “My teammates are totally supportive, friends and people that race for my shop will show up at races with vegan cookies and will always bring a vegan dish to Veloshop potlucks.”


Banner image credit: image courtesy of Matt Haughey on creative commons

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