Mike Jensen

motor sports competitor 

Multiple world champion who has amazed with his skills.

Mike Jensen is a leading motorcycle stuntrider, having taken some impressive titles in this competitive sport.

The Danish rider is self-taught and has won some of the highest level competitions. He has won the Irish Freestyle Stunt Series (IFSS) and the XDL Championship. Competing across Europe he has also won the Czech Stunt Day and MBE Verona, Italy (Motor Bike Expo). In Germany he finished winner at German-Stuntdays (GSD) and 2016 and 2017 he was the Stunt Masters Cup champion.

“Without a doubt I am proud of my competitive achievements, a fistful of World championships stands out” Mike says. “Ranking high up the scoring board across contests worldwide is something that still blows my mind thinking of today.”

“However my greatest achievement is that after 15 years I still find excitement and joy in the sport.

“Continuing to build bridges to new people and grow stronger relations with those already close to me.

“The grind is still on and I enjoy extending my skillset into other kinds of activites, where I can use my already build up abilities as a form up ramp to launch new dreams into existence.”

At age 29 (in 2023) he still has more to achieve in the sport.

Mike has been vegan since at least 2017. “I did not have a determined desire to give up on all the food I used to eat” he says. “However, changing my diet made very clear sense to me and then I just made the switch.”

“When I am at home, a big part is just follow the season, we have access to many different varieties of local grown fruit & vegetables.

“I thrive on fruits – so I tend to eat a lot of them.

“A recent discovery for my family and I, is microgreens. Sounds funky, but hold your horses. The flavour and amount of varieties blows me away, the salads have never been better and the life force these little sprouts carry is very affirming.

“You could go on & on with this, but keeping ones energy source pure is of interest to me. “

When Mike travels his choices are a little more restricted and he eats less raw. He always manages to stick to the vegan food though.

Seeing Mike in action shows that he clearly does not rely on the bike to do the work, and he needs to be in shape.

“Strength, mobility and these traditional key words naturally hold a large part of the baseline. But really, anything balance. That is one thing that fascinates me.

“Doing wheelies on a motorcycle is obviously a balance maneuver.

“Surfing is something I love to do and I really feel benefits me mentally and physically. Gymnastics style training is a humbling experience that can really bring out your inner child. Slackline is just great – indoor as well as outdoor bring it to the park or the woods and a few hours will pass easily. My inner child has a passion for climbing too.”

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