Kevin Selker


Kevin Selker is an American track cyclist. Kevin has competed in sprint events for a number of years.  From age 20 (2005) has been recording placings at national collegiate level.

  • Former National Senior Champion
  • National team member competing internationally
  • Competitive in four disciplines

In December 2006 Kevin was selected in the US national squad as by then he was National Senior champion. He represented his nation in Team Sprint, Sprint and Keirin, competing in Moscow. The following year Kevin represented America in the World Cup in Sprint.  Travelling to South America with the US team he competed in the Continental Championships in Track Endurance.

With such a distinguished career it might prove difficult to pick a highlight.  To Kevin winning the Oregon state championships as a junior ranks very high, as he was not expected to win. The national title and silver medal on the Track also rank very high for him.

“I win a few road races every year, and any race where I win is awesome, especially when I can beat up on the pros based here in Boulder. Coming back to my hometown last summer and winning their inaugural downtown crit was pretty fun too!”

Vegan wheels

Kevin stopped eating meat aged 13 (1998) and in 2007 he changed his diet from ‘mostly vegan’ to full vegan. “It was a long process but now that I am vegan I am amazed how easy it is, and I wish I had gone fully vegan sooner” he says.

Originally Kevin was motivated by the horrors of the animal food industries and became vegetarian.  However, he accepted that it was not as far as he would like to go. For a while he continued to eat veggie, and years later was encouraged towards veganism by vegan friends.  This was including a girlfriend to whom is he is now married. “Quickly I became an ‘at home vegan’ where I would cook totally vegan in the house. Finally, about 6 years ago I ‘cut out the crap’ and just went all the way. It’s so easy I am ashamed it took me so long” Kevin told Great Vegan Athletes in 2013.

He now enjoys a variety of food from around the world – especially when eating out.  This is  including falafel, pita, a range of Indian foods, Thai and Vietnamese. A typical dinner at home might be tempeh stir fry with some sort of grain, or soft corn tacos.  He’ll include beans, lentils and guacamole. He enjoys pasta, including spaghetti with bean balls.

Some people are surprised to find Kevin is vegan, but his record of achievement speaks for itself. Kevin plans to keep riding for his whole life and to promote the sport. He also enjoys mentoring younger cyclists and helping them tactically, which he find very rewarding.

“It would be great one year to go back to Track nationals and chase another title, but life keeps getting in the way. I spent a season as a pro on  track-cycling team, but the constant travelling and lack of intellectual stimulation got old fast.”

Despite all the training commitments Kevin is also completing a Ph.D in Mathematics. Whatever he does, Kevin’s emphatic about veganism.  “It has never been easier and more important to go vegan than it is now. Even if everyone just ate vegan at home or just ate vegan five days a week, it would make a huge difference.”

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