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Nick Squires powerlifter strong vegan

Nick Squires is an accomplished powerlifter who competes in the raw divisions in California, USA and internationally.

Kelly Colobella american footballer strong vegan

Kelly Colobella is known for her strength and fitness. She's played in women's semi-professional (full tackle) American football since 2000. In that time Kelly has become a key team member of Utah Falconz, who play in the US National League. She's played a part in contending for the National Championship four times, winning twice.

Glenda Presutti strong vegan powerlifter

Coming to powerlifting relatively late in life has not stopped Glenda Presutti from taking the sport by storm and rapidly emerging as a force recognised nationally and beyond.

Anastasia Zinchenko bodybuilder powerlifter strong vegan

Anastasia Zinchenko has been competing in powerlifting for several years, recording some high profile placings and impressive totals. She’s competed in the 63kg and 72 kg weight classes, and taken regional UK titles, national placings - and competed internationally.

Ramona Cadogan strong vegan

Ramona is a masters weightlifter, competing nationally in America and also internationally. Competing in the 63 kg category, she has also competed in powerlifting, although has had more success with Olympic lifting.

Nigel Morton powerlifter strong vegan vegetarian from birth

Nigel is a powerlifter whose enthusiasm for his sport has led him to train others as well as compete.  His training has brought him national success with some amazing lifts.

Yolanda Presswood powerlifter strong vegan

Yolanda Presswood is a powerlifter who has achieved great things very quickly.

Julia Trezise-Conroy strong vegan powerlifter

Julia is a powerlifter from New Zealand who has been recognized with some amazing lifts. She holds the national records in all three lifts in the sub 52 kg category.

Alison Crowdus powerlifter strong vegan

Alison Crowdus is a powerlifter based in Northern Kentucky, USA who has qualified for the XPC Finals at the Arnold Sports Festival.

Hulda B Waage powerlifter strong vegan

In a nation known for its powerlifting and strength sports it can be hard to stand out, although Hulda B. Waage has done this. The Icelandic powerlifter has established herself as a leading powerlifter who competed in both raw and equipped powerlifting, holding several national records.

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