Deandre Jordan basketball player

Deandre is an established player in the NBA, representing Los Angeles Lakers. He was the 35th pick of the 2008 draft, aged 20.

Or Tal swimmer

Or Tal has been enthusiastically competing in swimming – and taking national honours.

Nana Almeida swimmer

Nana is a world class swimmer who has enjoyed success in Brazil and internationally. This has included the Olympics and continental competitions as well as national competitions.

Mike Fremont runner

Some athletes cause pause for thought and some are amazing examples of what can be done. Mike Fremont is one who has pushed the boundaries of what is believed possible. He retains world records and a level of astounding fitness level.

Ryan Stills powerlifter strong vegan

Ryan has been a world class powerlifter for several years, making his mark at the highest level against the strongest opponents.

Harvey Lewis runner

Few people have made an impact on their sport as emphatically as Harvey Lewis. The American has twice won the Badwater Ultramarathon, considered the toughest footrace in the world. The 135 mile race takes in extreme temperatures and massive height gain and losses. Harvey won in both 2014 and 2021.

Antonio Di Manno runner

Antonio di Manno has become a recognised force in ultradistance running with some notable success in his native Italy.

Damian Hall runner

He took up running later in life, running his first half marathon aged 35. Attributing it to a midlife crisis, Damian spent the next years reaching astonishing heights in the sport.

Lawrence Okolie fighter

Lawrence has risen through the ranks to become a world-recognised force in Professional boxing.

Bradie Crandall powerlifter strong vegan strongman/strongwoman

Bradie has quickly established himself as a notable powerlifter in the USA. At a young age he has already hit international standards.

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