Ellen Jaffe Jones runner

Ellen Jones is a senior runner who competes in distances from 100 metres through to endurance distances.  Following success in the 2012 Florida State senior games she became eligible to compete in the Senior National Competition in four separate events.  She's since repeated this.

Kara Lang soccer/football player

Kara Lang is a former member of the Canadian women’s football team who has played successfully at club and national level.

Sarah Stewart basketball player

Sarah Stewart has represented Australia at wheelchair bastketball.  She first started playing in 2001 and within two years had made the national team.

Bill McCarthy powerlifter strong vegan

Bill McCarthy is an American powerlifter. He competes at national level and has qualified for international competition including the Arnold Sports festival three times. He’s 120kg in weight and his personal best lifts (raw) are 501 lb (227.5kg) bench press, 750 lbs (340kg) squat and 622 lb (282.5kg) deadlift.

Peter Ebdon snooker player

Peter Ebdon has been a snooker professional since 1991. He attracted attention by beating former world champion Steve Davis 10-4 in the 1992 World Championship and was awarded WPBSA Young Player of the Year award that year.

Vicki Cosio tennis player

Vicky is a tennis player with an impressive history of tournament success into her 40s. Vicky started playing tennis in high school and has never taken lessons.

Emily Jans fighter

Emily Jans is a retired professional kickboxer who won the 2012 Australian Amateur Boxing title.  This was in the Elite Women’s 64kg division.

Amanda Riester bodybuilder fighter

Amanda’s two grandfathers and her father boxed professionally and Amanda learned a lot from them when growing up. At 16 she entered the Chicago Golden Gloves, an annual amateur competition,  at 17 she boxed at national level. Aged 18, she was rated at number two in the United States.  After ten years of boxing she retired with an amazing total of four Chicago Golden Gloves titles, and started coaching and bodybuilding.

Jack Lindquist cyclist

Jack Linquist is a professional track-racing cyclist who won his first race in 2007 when the 26 year old cycle messenger won the 2007 Puma Velocity race in New York City.  The win entitled him to a place in international competition, and he soon joined the U.S. National Developmental team.  He’s known for his rise through the ranks from the humble bike messenger to one of the leading cyclists in the country.  Jack is also known for his distinctive piston tattoos on his calves.

Mirko Buchwald fighter vegetarian from birth

Mirko Buchwald is one of the most respected instructors of Goju Ryu Karate and has studied the art for over 30 years.  He is a 6th Degree Black Belt and chief instructor of the San Francisco Goju Ryu Karate Centre.  

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