Alexander Dargatz


Alex shot to fame in December 2005 when he won the World Champion Fitness title with WFF (World Fitness Federation). Five years before this he had become vegan in response to the cruelty of the animal food industries.

  • World Champion Bodybuilder
  • Vegan for five years before this

Although the motivation was “ethical, ecological, spiritual and healthy reasons (in that order)”Alex soon found that it was easy to find enjoyable food that worked with his strength objectives.

“There simply is no need for us to consume animal products and we cause a lot of harm by doing so”

What does Alex eat?

I don’t really have a [nutrition] program anymore! I used to be very strict on my diet before becoming vegan, but now I just eat whatever I can find, as long as it is vegan…I don’t eat industrial foods and try to eat as much organic food as possible.”

He also tries to eat natural foods.

“I never eat anything that has artificial flavour, preservatives, hydrogenated fat, flavour enhancer or that sort of crap in it. In general, I try to eat fresh and nutritious vegan foods, lots of fruits and veggies, nuts, lentils, seeds and so on, and add protein to it (soy and wheat products). I also enjoy vegan treats, but I try not to eat too many sweets (except self-baked cakes).

“My power has increased since becoming vegan, especially my endurance, and I almost never get ill anymore.”

“There simply is no need for us to consume animal products and we cause a lot of harm by doing so; that is the definition of crime. I couldn’t be anything else but vegan after understanding that.”

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