Vegan bodybuilders

Jim Morris, vegan bodybuilder

Jim Morris strikes an impressive pose at sixty-one years old

Jim is known for possessing an outstanding physique in his later years. At 75 he still trains hard and releases bodybuilding photos. The photograph above is him aged 61, which many people believed was edited as they could not believe the muscular definition of a man of this age. He also had a successful career as a younger man and achieved an impressive set of titles. Jim is outspoken in support of the vegan diet and encourages people to eat a healthy, plant-based diet for the good of their health and sport.

Billy Simmonds, vegan bodybuilder

Billy Simmonds poses with a V sign across his chest

Billy Simmonds is a vegan bodybuilder who won Mr Natural Universe in 2009. He also teaches martial arts. He was vegetarian for years beforehand and enthusiastically promotes the vegan diet through organisations in his native Australia. Billy says: "When you look at the arguments to going vegetarian or vegan, you really can't deny it's the right choice, in terms of your health, the environment and the impact you're having on others."

Patrik Baboumian, vegan strongman

Patrik Baboumian exhibiting upper-body strength in a photoshoot

Patrik is a former bodybuilder who is now Germany's Strongest Man (105kg) and holds the world record for log lift. He is one of the few men in the world to have lifted a 200kg overhead, and probably the smallest. He continues to increase in size and strength and has competed internationally in the highest weight category with some of the most respected strength competitors in the world.

Alexander Dargatz, vegan bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Alex Dargatz flexes and smiles for the camera

Alex Dargatz is most famous for winning the 2005 World Bodybuilding title, after five years as a vegan. Alex was known for impressive abdominal muscles and also undertook strength straining. He was prompted to eat vegan by the a number if issues, primarily the cruelty of the animal food industries. He went on to enjoy a variety-packed vegan diet based on natural wholefoods, enoying improved strength and stamina.

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