Greg Lachance


Greg Lachance has become a leading bodybuilder in Canada. Aged 45 (in 2022) he has competed in some hard-fought categories and taken a Pro Card with the IFBB.

The Pro card was won at a 2022 show and is one of just fourteen given out each year. There were 320 competitors at the competition, with ten in Greg’s category, Masters Mens Physique.

Greg’s enthusiasm for his sport is matched by his love of veganism. He describes himself as “100% naturally prepared for life…Health first, stage always second!” This approach includes a vegan diet and a drug-free approach.

  • Pro Card winner with IFBB
  • 2022 Canadian National Champion
  • Leading national veteran bodybuilder in Canada

Turning vegan after an experiment five years ago, Greg feels this is the only way to go now.
“Veganism has changed my life in so many ways” he says. “I’m a brand new person like a snake that has shedded its skin.”

It started with an experiment. “My coach asked me if I’d be down to experiment with vegan plans for my next competition. I always have an open mind to things.”

Greg ate for four weeks as a vegetarian, then four weeks as a pescetarian. Following that was four weeks as a vegan. For three days he went back to his meat-eating days before realising it made no sense. Since then he’s been vegan all the way.

“The change in my overall health was what motivated me” he told Great Vegan Athletes.

“I competed in my first show as a vegan and placed first.”

It helps that Greg’s coach is a champion powerlifter – and vegan. Kevin Steiger has been a massive support to Greg in many ways.

Greg has also competed with the WNBF and the Canadian Physique Alliance (part of the NPC).

While Greg’s highest level achievement would be his Pro Card, there are other achievements. “Most importantly my health is the greatest achievement” he says. “New me on all levels….and it’s sustainable.”

Like most bodybuilders, Greg plans his meals. He often starts with a smoothie based on soy milk, seeds, oats and Rivalus Plant Pro. He eats beansprouts, salad, vegan products, fruit and veggies. And it seems to work.

Training works on an eight day cycle: legs, push, pull rest, legs, push, pull, rest. He’s under the guidance of coach Jose Cruz.

Greg values his support from Kevin, and says friends and family are supportive of his choice to go vegan too. Some people in the gym react against Greg’s enthusiasm and he sees a few roll their eyes on the topic.

“I’ve done eight bodybuilding shows as a non-vegan. All my success came when I turned vegan.

Greg’s also influenced his family, and some have vegan meals now.

The IFBB Pro card is a massive achievement, but Greg is not finished yet. There are more plans for the future. The first is to regain some size after competing and take part in a Pro competition. He’s also keen to compete in an Open event as a natural, drug-free competitor.

Greg is also reflecting on the journey of the last few years.

“I’ve done eight bodybuilding shows as a non-vegan. All my success came when I turned vegan. Veganism has transformed me mentally, physically and spiritually and I’ve never been happier.”

“Being vegan is the driving force behind my body transformation.”

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