SportVegan runners

From track sprinting to ultramarathons and extreme running, vegans have excelled in a variety of races. Some of the world’s best runners of all time are vegan, and some of the most impressive achievements have been made by vegan runners.

Alex Gladley runner vegetarian from birth

Alex is a UK-based marathon runner with placings at some of the top events in his home nation and abroad. While he has tackled distances as short as 5000 meters, his prowess truly shines in the full 26.2-mile marathon distance.

Joseph Camilleri runner

Joseph is a world-class runner, with some incredible marathon times achieved in his senior years. He represents Canada internationally and has picked up some world honours.

Gareth Pritchard runner

Gareth Pritchard is a regular competitive runner who has tackled some of the longest ultramarathons and taken fantastic results.

Sandeep Kumar runner vegetarian from birth

Sandeep Kumar is a leading ultra trail and mountain runner in India. He tackles some of the toughest course, recording remarkable times and taking numerous victories.

Izzi Batt-Doyle runner

Izzi is an accomplished distance runner who has won honours in Australia and represented her nation internationally.

Samantha Taylor cyclist fighter runner

Samantha is a British athlete accomplished in Taekwondo and triathlon, representing her nation in both sports.

Mike Fremont runner

Some athletes cause pause for thought and some are amazing examples of what can be done. Mike Fremont is one who has pushed the boundaries of what is believed possible. He retains world records and a level of astounding fitness level.

Harvey Lewis runner

Few people have made an impact on their sport as emphatically as Harvey Lewis. The American has twice won the Badwater Ultramarathon, considered the toughest footrace in the world. The 135 mile race takes in extreme temperatures and massive height gain and losses. Harvey won in both 2014 and 2021.

Antonio Di Manno runner

Antonio di Manno has become a recognised force in ultradistance running with some notable success in his native Italy.

Damian Hall runner

He took up running later in life, running his first half marathon aged 35. Attributing it to a midlife crisis, Damian spent the next years reaching astonishing heights in the sport.

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