Vicki Cosio’s emphatic national win

August saw one of the biggest dates in the US seniors tennis calendar with the Washington State Open which is also the National Senior Tournament.

17 August 2014

Last year Vicki Cosio (pictured, no hat) won a three set final match which took both players to the limit of their fitness, and Vicki was keen to retain her title.

Despite recent turning 50 Vicki took advantage of the option to play in the age group below and entered the Women’s Under 45 Singles which put her among players five years younger than her.

Seeded as number 1, she received a bye in the first round before winning quarter final and semi final matches to reach the final. There she faced her opponent from last years’ final, a former member of the national seniors team (also pictured).

Remembering the final last year, Vicki spent some time before the final meditating on the challenge. She reminded herself that she had a great opportunity to show everyone there what a vegan sportsperson can do.

She played an impressive range of touch and drop shots to win the first set 6-0. The match was clearly not going to be a repeat of the last years’ battle as the second set finished 6-1 giving Vicki a convincing victory.

Vicki told us that she still has plans to compete again this year so asked GVA readers “keep your paws crossed for me” as she goes out again to prove what vegans can do.

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