Vegan Yeti takes Strongman win

He was already qualified for the US nationals – he now adds the Arnold Sports Festival to his calendar.

8 June 2024

The Battle of the Bridge is a North East US regional strongman competition with places at the Arnold Classic for division winners.

“The volunteers and judges were amazing and the judging was strict” says Ric, competing in the 105 kg middle weight category. “There were so many competitors it turned into about 10-11 hours of competing.”

“It was one of the most competitive, with the top four guys In the area. After suffering my Achilles injury during the first event at Arnold 2023 it was not only my goal to get back to The Arnold 2025 but this was the competition to do it.”

First event was deadlift. “Training the last 6 months I have barely broken 585 lbs [265.5 kg] off the ground from an injury I experienced on Thanksgiving. We hit an opener of 605 lb [274.5 kg]. We ended the event with a 665 lb [301.5 kg] pull which tied me for third place.”

Second event was a clean and press medley, a log and an axle each with about 250 lb [113 kg] on them. The goal was to go back and forth cleaning and pressing for as many reps as possibly in 60 seconds.

“I tied 2nd with 7 reps. That bumped me into 1st place.”

Event was a sand bag to shoulder ladder with five bags from 200 lb [90 kg] to 287 lb [130 kg] the last bag being for reps within 60 seconds. “Being in first gave me the advantage knowing that I needed four reps on the last bag for first on the event. I was able to squeeze out the 4 reps on the last bag and take the win keeping me in 1st.”

Next was a yoke to frame carry. Ric’s a quick mover and had high hopes but made an error, but still took 4th .

“I thought I was done for after that mishap but ending up staying in 1st place going into the last event.”

That event was max weight sandbag toss over 15′ bar. We had as many throws as we wanted but once we missed we were out.


“I was new to sandbag toss only having trained it 4-5 times in a couple years I was able to tie 2nd place with a 52.5 pound bag just missing 55 pounds. And that was enough to keep me in first for the win.”

The Yeti is now eager to show what he can do at nationals and the Arnold festival.

He’s been vegan since 2020, and wishes he did it sooner.

“As I got older I realised that when I ate meat I could feel the suffering and stress of these animals…it took me until my 30s to even understand what that actually meant.”