Vegan Viking takes two more records

“I was dissatisfied with my results” she told our site. “We weren't aiming high for this meet but you know how it is. Always hungry.”

24 February 2018

Icelandic powerlifting champion Hulda B Waage competed at the Icelandic Nationals, leaving with mixed emotions.

The vegan Viking won her category and using the Wilks system of comparing lifters of different weights, was the highest ranked female lifter. Despite this, the high standards she sets herself left Hulda with mixed emotions..

“The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone worked hard at cheering each other. Everyone worked together and helped each other out. The referees were very consistent and fair. So it was very relaxing and fun to compete.”

Bench only

Never one to take much of a break from her sport, Hulda competed the next day in a bench only competition, where she lifted 133 kg to break her own national bench press record.

With so many records under her name in Iceland, Hulda now looks further afield. “I'm very excited to compete at the European championship in May. We are training hard for that. Aiming for the limit to be able to compete at world championship.”

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Results (Nationals)

Results (Bench)

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