Vegan Torre takes 4th at Pro Bodybuilding comp

IFBB Pro Torre Washington has been working with film stars as a trainer, but still finds time to compete.  The vegan took part on the IFBB LA Grand Prix Pro Masters Men’s Physique.

15 May 2019

The event featured only Pro Card competitors, who have been awarded Pro status following a regional win by the IFBB, arguably the highest standard of the bodybuilding federations.

Torre took fourth place among the twelve competitors, narrowly missing out on a podium place.

“It was honour to represent all natural/plant based/vegan athletes” said Torre.  “I was able to secure 4th place.”

The Florida-based muscleman turned vegan in 1998 after considering aspects of Rastafarianism, and has amazed thousands with his physique in news and magazine articles as well as through his own social media channels.

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