Vegan takes national squat record

Polish Powerhouse Dawid Kawka has broken the national record for squat.

24 March 2022

The vegan powerlifter has competed at 74kg. This time he piled on more muscle to weigh in at 81 kg and competed in the 83 kg category.

It’s worth remembering that a target of many established powerlifters it to squat 2 x bodyweight. Dawid’s successful 266.5 kg squat is 3.29 x bodyweight. The video (posted on Dawid’s Instagram) shows that he was comfortable with the record.

“People said it looks easy, but I didn’t want grind hard in this day” he says. “I will put in everything I got in the end of year when European championships starts.”

The massive squat was breathtaking, although he also benched 180 kg and deadlifted 290 kg – fantastic lifts.

Dawid has been vegan since experimenting in April 2014 and finding it worked. He’s surprised people along the way but says those who understand science accept it.

“Good coaches who are more driven by science than strange beliefs know that people can get every substance and nutrient from plants” he says.

We look forward to more news from this dedicated and incredibly powerful athlete.

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