Vegan runs 768 miles to take the win

Vegan runner Budjargal Byambaa has taken another win in an extreme race – this time over 10 days.

30 April 2023

The Mongolian living in the US ran in the Sri Chinmoy race in New York.  He led from day 1 after completing 104 miles.  In seven of the ten days, he recorded the biggest daily distance.  He finished on 768 miles, almost 48 miles ahead of second place.

Budjargal has been vegan since January 2019.  He was motivated by athletic performance, and eats a raw food diet.  This is 17th win in 6-day and 10-day races, and he has also won the 48 hour running world championship.

“Long distance running is different than any other type of running” he says. “It needs not only physical strength, it needs my inner strength. My thought about inner strength is, it is so powerful and it can give me much much more strength than the physical strength.”


“Becoming vegan helped me to find my inner strength.”


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