Vegan powerlifting records in the home of strength sports

Vegan Viking and Icelandic powerlifting champion Hulda B Waage has taken the Icelandic Cup by storm.

27 November 2017

32 year old Hulda weighed in at 78.1 kg to compete in the under 84 equipped category where she already held three National records.

Icelandic records are hard to come by, as the nation is known for strength sports, having produced numerous internationally recognised legends in powerlifting and strongman.

Not everything went according to plan. Her opening lift was squat where she managed a 212.5kg lift, close to three times her own bodyweight and an increase to the record she set in Malaga earlier this year.

This hurt her back and affected her later lifts.

She went on to bench press where she benched 132.5kg, a massive 7.5 kg increase on her own record.

Her deadlift of 177.5kg left her a little disappointed, although the total of 522.5kg beat her own record of 515kg, leaving her with three broken records.

Weightlifting uses Wilks scores to compare lifters in different categories. Hulda’s Wilks score of 484.7 was the highest women’s score and fourth overall.

Bigger plans!

Amazingly, Hulda feels she is capable of more, and plans to push her lifting – and the national records – even further. “I did a heavier training total 4 weeks before the meet. I did a 230kg squat, 140kg bench and 180kg deadlift. I think next year will be interesting.”

One thing that isn’t troubling Hulda is food, where she’s eating well with no problems.

“I've been more relaxed about food. Just trying my best to keep my weight in place. The only food item I have every day is my oat latté (coffee with foamed oat milk from oatly). I've been doing intermittent fasting for a while. So there have been fewer meals but large. Lots of veggies and fruits.”


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