Vegan power takes US National win

Bradie Crandall has competed at the US National Championships – and left with records and a Gold medal.

19 July 2023

The powerlifter has been enjoying strongman training and competition, but returned to his roots with a bang.

Competing at 110 kg he opened with a 265 kg squat. He attempted 270 kg and came close but had to settle with the lift – well over double bodyweight. Bradie followed up with a 155 kg bench.

He deadlifted cleanly three times, finishing with 285 kg, a competition personal best.

As well as taking the win, Bradie set Delaware State records for squat, bench, deadlift and total.

“This competition was a roller coaster ride” he says. “I had a rough go with the squat and bench which had me down by 12.5 kg going into the deadlift, but I kept my cool and managed to take the lead with a competition deadlift PR of 285 kg (628 lbs).”

A scientific approach

Bradie also has broken state records in Maryland, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, and qualified for the World Championships. In Delaware he now has four.

He studies Chemical Engineering and applies he knowledge and scientific method to training. He’s written a book about his approach, The Living Machine: Engineering Strength with a Plant-Based Diet.

It was his study of the science around climate change that led to his move to veganism in 2017, which he planned carefully to make sure his athletic performance didn’t suffer.

“I am a Chemical & Biomolecular PhD Candidate at the University of Delaware and my research focuses upon converting CO2 emissions into animal protein alternatives” Bradie says (read more here).

“In terms of diet: I’ve been eating about 3,000 calories per day (50% carbs, 25% protein, 25% fat).”

He also shared a typical day of eating.

“Breakfast: avocado toast and cereal with soymilk. For a snack, plant fusion protein shake.

“Lunch could be a beyond burger, roasted potatoes, and vegetables. The next snack would be berries and rice cake with almond butter. For dinner, tofu or seitan stir fry, smoothie with plant fusion protein, and pumpkin seed salad.”

But there’s no rest for Bradie.

“Training now starts for the 2023 Mr. America Strongman Competition with Vegan Strong Plantbuilt Team in October.”

Added to this is more powerlifting, as the national win qualifies him to represent Team USA at International Powerlifting League (IPL) World Championships.