Vegan Olympian takes another win

Aussie 400 metre athlete Morgan Mitchell went into the Hunter Track Classic in New South Wales, Australia, having won in each of the last three years.

22 January 2018

The 23 year old vegan, who competed at the Rio Olympics a solid 42.77 to win the race for a fourth time. Morgan’s high standards meant that this was a slow time by her standards. The track meet was one in which athletes aimed to qualify for the Commonwealth Games, which this time did not achieve. As Morgan has eight qualifying times in the last year.

Morgan turned vegan in 2014 after watching some documentaries and made the change instantly. In 2016 she explained to us that she responded to questions about it positively.

“I just have to reiterate the fact that the life of an animal and the well being of the environment means more to me than any amount of money or the career path I wish to take, because without them we wouldn't have life. Sounds cliche and cheesy but it is true. That's just the way I see it.”

The three time – and current – Australian champion also has another target, a 51 second time for the 400 metres. The Commonwealth Games may be the ideal time to achieve this.

“I want a PB and I think that if I go under 51 anything can happen. But we all know it’s a very hard task just running 51. Once I can get back to that comfortably. It’s just full steam ahead and have as much fun as I can.”

With a current personal best of 51.25s from England in 2016, Morgan is 8th on the all-time national rankings and the quickest Australian for the last fifteen years.

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