Vegan National Masters champion!

Glenda Presutti put a recent history of injury behind her as she took on the Australian Masters Nationals.

3 June 2019

“I have a recent four month nerve impingement issue in my cervical spine resulting in neuralgia down my right arm” Glenda told Great Vegan Athletes “so have been on specific nerve pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage pain and I am having a cervical epidural cortisone injection in four weeks to see if that helps. My knee, spine and shoulder issues are under control although I’ve been on large doses of anti-inflammatories so I am reducing these a lot now if I can.” 

She set herself three ambitious goals:

  • “To break all the current Australian records in my age class 60-64 years in the 64kg class.” Those records were already Glenda’s – as are all those in the 58 kg class as well.
  • “To get Champion Lifter in my age class overall weight classes “
  • She also wanted to get nine good lifts with no fails or fouls lifts.


The biggest change for Glenda was that she has been working without a trainer for the last six months.

“I have been writing my own programs and training myself. This was my 20th competition so a huge thing to do this as I have always had the same trainer, one on one, all my lifting life. I did travel to Melbourne this year for three sessions of professional brush up coaching in each lift.”

The squat record was 115 kg, Glenda broke it with 116kg.  Aiming to break the Bench record of 56 kg, she lifted 57 kg.  She also increased the deadlift record from 148.5 kg to 149 kg.  To give her a 322 kg total.

“I not only got 9/9 attempts, I received all 27 white lights, 3 every attempt,  which was a bonus achievement I never dreamed I’d get !! “ she says.

“So I got Gold medal in my weight class and Australian Champion Master Lifter  2019 in 60-64 age class overall weight classes.“

Vegan Champion

Glenda has been vegan since 2016.

“I discovered PETA and I began to read about all aspects of animal agriculture and all the cruelty related to use of animals in entertainment, products, testing etc. I was horrified and began sharing these things. I was privately contacted by a vegan Powerlifting friend who reached out to me and gave me some information so I thought, I want to do this. I’m just being a hypocrite to continue being an omnivore now that I knew the facts.”


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