Vegan Monk takes Body Building Pro card

“I am a personal trainer, meditation instructor, and motivational speaker” says Joe. “I live in the Bay area (California) I'm down with and for the underdog in life. I understand without helping other beings to get the same opportunities (animals included) in life then we won't be able to have the world filled with peace, love, and compassion.”

8 November 2017

Joe ‘Monk’ Coleman got his nickname from living a life free of vices like alcohol and with a love of simple pleasures like natural food and meditation.

The straight edge, Pro Card holder just competed at the Battle of the Bay. "I competed against men half my age. The open division. The young man I had to go up against for the overall was tough. I didn't know if I was going to beat him, but fortunately I did.”

After the win he was awarded a Pro Card for the INBF/WNBF federation.

Since then he’s competed again and taken a second place.

That completes his competing for the year, which means a change to training. “I'm just going heavy and working on some size next year.”

It was also a time for some reflection.

“Bodybuilding is much more to me than my appearance. I get to open minds backstage and tell them things they may have never heard. I tell them about life, veganism, and show them that you can maintain muscle on plants if that's their concern.” He’s certainly done that.

Joe’s profile

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