Vegan medals at the Arnold Sports Festival

Events like the Arnold Sports Festival are only open to the elite. Some of the events are for the biggest and strongest only.

6 March 2022

Diminutive vegan lifter Melody Schoenfeld turned up and surprised a few people with her strength.

The five foot Californian has competed in the 48 kg in powerlifting. She was by far the smallest in the Armlifting. Preparation was limited to 8 weeks and included a wrist injury and contracting COVID.

The events were Rolling Thunder, Saxon Bar and Apollon’s Axle bar.

“I came close to my 1 rep maximum in 2 out of 3 lifts, and hit a new Saxon bar PR” Melody says. “I came out with a silver medal at a competition I’m beyond honored to have been invited to compete in, and got to hang with some of the strongest athletes on the planet.”

Melody weighed in at just over 49 kg and competed in the 60kg category.

“I was, by far, the smallest and lightest contestant.”

Melody has been vegan since 2000 and has broken state powerlifting records for all three lifts. She has broken a national deadlift record. The personal trainer also enjoys traditional challenges like tearing directories, breaking chains and bending bars.

She was presented with her medal by legendary grip strength and strongman competitor Odd Haugen.

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