Vegan Julia’s medal collection grows

Julia Hubbard has been competing in the US again and with more success.

6 November 2017

This time it was at the IPL South West Grand Prix Pro Am. This was the last qualifier for the Apex, which is the IPLs (International Physique League’s) Apex or end of year climax.

“The show wasn't huge but it was high quality” Julia explained soon afterwards. “I competed in Figure, Athletic, Evening gown and sports model at the IPL South West Grand Prix ProAm and won them all!!! I was pretty shocked! They were close battles between 1st and 2nd!”

Julia has had a terrific haul of podium places over the year, although more challenges are on the way before the year is out as she has the IPL Apex and the NGA Universe planned.

“Both will be big comps and tough line ups” she says “but I'm excited to see what I can do!”

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