Vegan Julia is a Bodypower athlete!

Julia Hubbard has raised her profile after Bodypower announced they were sponsoring her.

2 May 2018

The vegan sprinter and bodybuilder has had a fantastic couple of years with countless high profile wins across several categories and also leads Great Britain in the 200 metre sprint in her veteran’s age bracket.

Bodypower are the organisers of the largest indoor fitness expo in the world and organisers of events across the globe.

The sponsorship is another step up for Julia. “I think because I compete in multiple sports so can relate to lots of people” she said ahead of the show held 11th-13th May 2018. “Also The Vegan Fitness movement is on the rise so I hope it was also partly the reason!”

“There’s always so much going on – and its always great meeting like minded people. Having clients competing on the stage which is exciting too!”

In the past veganism has had less exposure at Bodypower, although she suspects things may be different now. “I’ve already noticed there’s a Vegan Personal trainer speaking at the event and a few vegan companies are exhibiting – but if there’s any other vegans coming along- please message me so we can say Hi & get a selfie together- the more of us representing and showing interest- the more the Show will offer us in future!”

Have a great Bodypower weekend Julia!

Tickets available here

Julia’s profile


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