Vegan Hulda at the Icelandic Cup

Hulda competed in the 84kg category, although weighing in at just under 77kg she was the lightest in her category.

14 November 2016

Another record!

She opened with squat and in the third attempt broke the national record of 200kg by 5kg. “The record was 200kg set by a girl who trained at my club and my husband coached” Hulda told us.

Next was Bench Press. “I benched 115kg and then tried out 122.5kg which they judged to be a fail for some weird reason. I was going to top with 130kg which was light weight but my shoulder has been troubling me and my right arm could not stop moving and I hit the combo rack. So 115kg was the result of the bench.”

It wasn’t her best as she has benched 125kg in competition before, but it was still the best lift of the category by 30kg.

Deadlift was last. “I started with 160kg deadlift and ended with 180kg which was fairly easy” explained Hulda. Again hers was the biggest by a large margin.

Bigger things ahead

This gave Hulda a total of 500kg, with her nearest rival at 352.5kg. Winning her category and tracking a national record was not all. The Wilks point system given lifters points for lifting that are relative to their bodyweight, and enables lifters in different categories to be compared. This placed Hulda fourth overall, the only woman in the top eight.

The vegan Viking was happy but has bigger plans. “The meet was fun and I enjoyed competing finally. All the weights were light. Next meet I'll have bigger numbers.”

Hulda’s Profile

The competition results in full

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