Vegan biker aims to win series – as he searches for vegan bike suit

Teenage bike racer Sam Lochoff has been overcoming obstacles as his reputation grows – although there’s one obstacle which so far has been unbeatable.

12 February 2020

The 17 year old is currently preparing for the MotoAmerica championship where he is tipped as a title contender.  Starting in April, the series takes in ten races across the US.

Sam suffered a major setback in practice when he had an accident last year, breaking a femur (thigh bone) – the longest and strongest bone in the human body.

“The doctors are astounded as how fast and well he has healed up in such a short time” Sam’s dad Shane told us. “It’s obviously all to do with the fact he is a vegan.”

Racing clothing

However, Sam’s been left with another issue – his racing suit.  Despite enquiries to companies across the globe, the team have been unable to source a suitable set of vegan racing ‘leathers’.

It’s left Sam and his team frustrated. As veganism gains popularity in so many directions, we see new products coming out so frequently, but nothing to fit this gap.

Other sports

This comes hot on the heels of vegan mountaineer Kuntal Joisher summiting Everest for the second time – this time with all-vegan kit including a one piece suit from ‘Save The Duck’.  Around the same time vegan Dean Maher also summited the world’s highest peak in vegan kit.

Perhaps the most instantly comparable sport to bike racing is car racing driving – a sport with several high profile vegans.  The clothing worn in the car is very different.

“Bike racers are protecting themselves from crashes and sliding on the ground” explains vegan racing driver Leilani Munter “whereas race car drivers are protecting ourselves from burning.”  No car racing drivers wear leather.

Vegan pioneer

Sam has been vegan since 2017, supported by his sister and a vegan trainer/mechanic, and following initial concerns, his parents are supportive too.  He brings a mature dedication to the sport, returning after the serious recent break with determination, and applying himself to the sport with the belief that “money cannot buy talent, you need to work when everyone else is asleep.”

It seems implausible that the progress veganism has made leaves him without a vegan alternative to the protective leathers, although currently this talented vegan cannot find a product that matches his own input to the sport he’s excelling in.

If anyone knows of a possible supplier or you’re part of a company that makes a suitable product and you can help, please get in touch.

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