Vegan athletes and their success this year

As 2014 comes to an end - what did vegan athletes do in 2014? Click on the text to see more on each of these amazing achievements.

27 November 2014

Five athletes are now looking for your votes as they hope to win the title of Vegan Athlete of the Year.

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Pairs figure skater Meagan Duhamel retained her National tile and in doing so broke the national points record.

Amateur superheavyweight boxer Cam Awesome won the US title again.

Meagan Duhamel won a team Silver in the Winter Olympics and also placed in the individual pairs.

Ultradistance runner Vlad Ixel won the Thailand North Face 100km ultra and set a course record.

A week later he was third in the Hong Kong 100km.

Cam Awesome won international Gold in the Dominican Republic.

Meagan Duhamel won Bronze at the World Championships.

Vlad Ixel won the Trans Lantau 50km, 30 minutes ahead of the second runner.

Marathon and extreme distance runner Fiona Oakes completed ‘the world’s toughest footrace’, Marathon des Sables.

Cam Awesome won the Felix Stamm international tournament in Poland and was awarded Outstanding Technical Boxer of the Tournament.

Veteran Cyclist Christine Varderos entered the Paris to Ancaster race and finished third.

Vlad Ixel won the 54km Yam 2 Yam.

Cam Awesome won Silver at the US national Golden Gloves.

Cam followed this with Gold at the internayional Cheo Aponto cup.

Fiona Oakes was awarded three places in the Guinness book of records for her marathons on each continent plus the polar cap.

Wheelchair basketball international Sarah Stewart competed in the World Championships where her team finished sixth.

Fiona Oakes broke two of her own records following a fast marathon in Rio.

Cam Awesome won Gold in the Pan American cup and shortly after, Gold in the Ringside World Championships.

Veteran tennis player Vicki Cosio won the US National Seniors tennis title, beating younger players in the process.

Cam Awesome won the Leszek Drogosz international title in Poland.

Vlad Ixel won The North Face 100km Singapore race despite food poisoning.

Veteran powerlifter Pat Reeves beat her own world deadlift record.

Vlad Ixel ended October with three shorter races at 25, 25 and 10km, gaining two wins and a second place.

Fiona Oakes completed seven marathons in seven days, finishing with a win in Stevenage marathon on World Vegan Day.

James Southwood became World Champion in the martial art of Savate – also on World Vegan day.

So who is your choice for Vegan Athlete of the Year 2014?