Three wins for vegan runner from 5 km to marathon

Naomi Mitchell has won the Manchester Marathon after taking second last year.

26 April 2023

Her time of 2:31:26 meant she won by over five minutes.  Race reports noted that it was one of the fastest winning times in the race’s history, close to the course record time of 2:29:06 which pushed Naomi back to second last year.

“It feels like a blur – I didn’t even know I was first!” she said.

Two weeks previously Naomi won the Reading Half Marathon in 72:11

Good things often come in threes, and Naomi followed Manchester with another milestone.  She ran the fastest 5km of the week in the popular nationwide parkrun series.  The 16:39 showed both that she is versatile with distance and doesn’t rest on her achievements!

Naomi has been vegan since 2015.

“I was interested in how best to balance my nutrition to allow for adequate recovery during my training…At the same time my husband was learning more about the ethical and environmental benefits of veganism and so it was a decision we made together.”

We can expect more from Naomi as she has now been able to stop working and concentrate on training and competing.

“I’ve recently become a full time athlete and have a great support team behind me so am making gradual progress. I still feel I can run much faster over the marathon and so will keep working to get there.”


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