Seven marathons ends with a win!

Fiona Oakes completed a self-appointed challenge on November 1st (World Vegan Day) that added to her amazing list of achievements.

3 November 2014

The event saw her enter the Stevenage marathon having completed six marathons in six days – making Stevenage the seventh in seven days.

Despite such a gruelling build up she finished as the first lady in 3:06:46. She was eighth overall, and over 26 minutes ahead of the second female.

The week before the Stevenage win included 156 miles and her normal work caring for animals at her sanctuary.

“It certainly wasn't a course to look for a quick time on as it was very, very undulating with lots of hairpin and tight bends to contend with so,” Fiona reflected later. “Coupled with the weather conditions it was just a matter of getting the job done”.

“I am proud to have been able to finish off my Asheldham 777 with that Win though as it just proves what can be achieved on a vegan diet. As I have always said, it is very hard to get people to listen to words but they can't argue or dispute actions and facts.”

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