Records claimed by vegan runners in epic last survivor race

Vegan runner Harvey Lewis has returned to the scene of one of his greatest victories to take the win and set a world record.

27 October 2023

The race has no finish.  Big Dog’s Backyard Last Survivor has athletes running 4.17 miles every hour on the hour until they either withdraw of miss the cut off time.  That’s 100 miles per day.  The cycle continues without stopping so nobody gets any proper rest or sleep.

In 2021 Harvey won with 85 laps, setting a world record. This year the competition was even more fierce as the world record had since increased to 102 and at 100 laps, six runners remained in contention.

They continued to drop out, with Harvey’s last rival failing to complete lap 108.  Harvey managed to do so, taking the win and beating the world record for the format by a massive six laps (25 miles).

Earlier Italian vegan runner Antonio di Manno had completed 76 laps to beat his own national record by two laps.  Antonio has completed some epic events in Italy and across the world including a win at Europe’s longest nonstop ultramarathon for three consecutive years.

He has been vegan for the animals since 2015 and enthusiastic campaigns to raise awareness for animal issues.

Harvey’s winning run covered 450 miles (724 km).  Harvey has been vegan since 2016 after 20 years vegetarian and has won numerous ultramarathons including Badwater twice.

Harvey’s asking for sponsorship to assist disadvantaged families via the Brighton Centre which you can support here.