One step nearer Rio for Cam

Cam Awesome may have a dozen national titles but he also has one remaining goal occupying his thoughts – the 2016 Olympics. In order to follow the dream, Cam recently made an attempt to qualify for the Olympic trials.

1 July 2015

Now with three years as a vegan Cam feels he has excellent control over his diet and this encouraged him to drop from superheavyweight to heavyweight for the competition.

His first opponent was an Iowa-based fighter whose skills Cam had respect for – in Cam’s first fight at the weight. “My speed translated over and I felt just as fast as I did at my higher weight but I felt a lot stronger and was able to sit down on my punches against a guy the same size as me” he explained after securing a victory.

A day later he fought in the semi finals, which was crucial because the top three fighters would qualify for the trials. His opponent was the top seed in the competition. Cam won by a clean unanimous decision to set up a final against an army-trained opponent. “I'm super in shape and feel great! 1 more win to go for my lucky number 13th Nationals!” he told his Facebook followers.

Cam has been training with strength and conditioning coach Grant Bradshaw and has spoken very highly of the impact this has made. As well as training with Grant, Cam has followed him online when this was not possible. “He has truly changed my body, mind and attitude. I'm lucky to have him on my team, in my life and as a friend.”

What followed next was unexpected, as the other boxer pulled out of the fight very late on. This took Cam to his 13th national title by walkover. As well as qualifying for the trials, Cam becomes the first boxer to qualify at two different weights.

Great Vegan Athletes was very grateful to hear from Cam soon after the competition, when he reflected on his move to veganism three years ago.

“Since becoming vegan I learned a lot about diet, nutrients and the truth behind what goes into our food we consume. I've learned that food is fuel- not fun” he told us. “Since learning this, it has given me an edge against my opponents. I learn more and mature every day and I have come to the strongest point of my career due to maturity and diet. I have qualified at two weight classes and I attribute this to my vegan lifestyle. I can easily manipulate my weight with my diet. Even though I have qualified for the Olympic trials at heavyweight I am fighting in Canada in a couple of weeks at 201+ [superheavyweight] so I have to put on weight and because of my amazing food lifestyle I can move up in weight (with discipline and hard work) within those short weeks. I owe almost everything to my vegan lifestyle."

Cam remains one of the most exciting and formidable boxers in the amateur competition globally at all weights, and we will be watching his progress with interest.

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