New world masters record for vegan vet lifter

Pat Reeves has set a new world powerlifting record at the WDFPA World Single Lift Championships.

27 August 2012

The 66 year old lifter, who has been vegan for 46 years, lifted 94 kg to set a record for the under 50.5kg weight class while competing in France in June 2012. The lift was more than 1.85 times her bodyweight, which is exceptional for her division. Pat is now officially the oldest competing weightlifter in Europe.

Recent surgery on her shoulder was not a success so Pat did not bench press, although she remains optimistic about continuing her career. "I'm currentlywas 4 kg off my own Bench Press world record in training, so maybe next year I can make an attempt at beating that."

Pat has held a masters powerlifting title for over twenty years and is currently involved in judging and organising competitions. She is also working on an update to her book 'A Living Miracle' which documents her diagnosis several decades ago with a 'terminal' cancer that she has fought off with a plant based diet.