National Champion powerlifter is getting stronger!

She's lifted more than she did to win the nationals as she prepares for the world championships.

5 March 2023

Sahy Lalime has competed in the first Belgian powerlifting meet of the season. It was a qualifier for the World Championships, although she already has a place from her total at the nationals.

“Only my participation was required at this meet” she said. “That said, my coach and I decided to use it to test the waters leading into Worlds prep, so I went in without peaking and with a willingness to take some risks – because why not?”

Weighing in at 64.1 kg she squatted 175kgs, an increase of 7.5 kg on her lifts in October 2022 at the nationals.

She benched 90kg, 2.5kgs up from the nationals. She deadlifted 200 kg, also an increase, leaving her with a 465 kg total. Considering she won the nationals, the increase was fantastic.

Sahy has been vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for seven – for compassionate reasons.

“My motivation to go vegetarian was based purely on not wanting to kill animals. Having experienced the trauma of losing my mother when I was kid, I became very sensitive to death and didn’t want to take part in bringing that type of pain and suffering to others. So after I left home for college, I became a vegetarian.”

She’s now looking forward to the world championships.

“Now it’s time to buckle up. Malta here we come!”