More wins for Tia

Surfing sensation Tia Blanco has had a busy few weeks and showed her abilities.

21 May 2018

Surfing in the Corona Extra Pro Surfing Circuit O’Neill Series in Puerto Rico saw her return to the country of her birth, where she took a win before jetting off to Barbados. Soon afterwards she was in Tofino, Canada for the Rip Curl, where she took another win.

“There were some new competitors in each competition to spar with” Tia told Great Vegan Athletes. “It was fun to go to the different places and see the different Olympians that may arise from each locale.”

The two wins are more successes in what is already a great career history for a competitor who has just passed her 21st birthday.

“I feel like this year I have let go of a lot of pressure I put on myself “she says. “I am focusing on having more fun and it is showing in my surfing I think which has been translating to some good wins.”

Tia turned vegan in her teenage years when she “saw what they did to animals” in a documentary film. She was raised vegetarian, and is finding eating vegan on the move increasingly easy.

“Eating vegan is very easy. I have been vegan for 5 years now and I am good at making sure I am prepared and I bring a lot of food with me on my travels. More and more there are vegan spots to eat but just in case I make sure I have all my nutrients. Packing Vegansmart meal replacers has been a game changer.”

You can see Tia’s trip in a five part video, the first part is here, the others follow automatically.

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