Massive benchpress sees vegan take the win

The national squat record holder also has unbelievable bench strength.

4 March 2023

Powerlifter Dawid Kawka is known for his squat – he has the national Polish record. For the first time he’s just entered a benchpress-only competition, and didn’t disappoint.

Competing in the 74kg category (raw) he started off with 165 kg, then 170 kg. A third lift saw Dawid with 177.5 kg on the bar.

“Unfortunately that was not my day, and floor was little slippery, so I can’t use leg drive in bench press. In my third attempt 177,5kg my leg slipped like half a meter! That lift wasn’t successful.”

Dawid took the win with the 170 kg lift.

It’s worth emphasising that this is unequipped , where lifters are not allowed more than very basic wraps. A good lift is considered 1.5 times bodyweight and rarely to lifters approach double. Dawid was lifting 2.3 times his weight.  He’s also got more to give.

“I did 12 kg more in my gym yesterday, but I got non slippery floor, just to show how important is leg drive in this lift.”

Dawid has been vegan since April 2014.

“Good coaches who are more driven by science than strange beliefs know that people can get every substance and nutrient from plants.”


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