Kim’s strength leaves her top among the best

Reigning Scotland’s Strongest Woman Kim Best brushed the competition aside to take first place in her qualifier for the UK championships.

28 March 2022

Scotland is known for strength sports as the home of the Highland Games. Vegan Kim faced six events, aiming to lead the Open category and qualify for the UK final.

The first event was a 65kg overhead axle lift followed by a 65kg overhead log lift in a time limit. Kim made 6 reps to take joint first.

Next was a deadlift for the maximum weight. Kim’s massive 205kg took the event win.

Then she had to carry a 200kg yoke followed by a Farmer’s Walk with 80kg in the hands. She won that too.

Event four for was her least favourite. Competitors had to carry sandbags weighing 80kg, 90kg then 100kg down the course. Again Kim took the win.

Last was the iconic Atlas Stones, starting at 70kg and finishing at 110 kg. She lifted all five in 30 seconds to win that too.

The competitions for England, Northern Ireland and Wales are yet to be completed, with the highest placed competing against Kim later this year. The federation is drug tested and does not permit steroid use.

Before that she will be defending her Scotland’s Strongest Woman title.

Kim has been vegan for four years now, during which time she also broke the world record for yoke carry. She considered veganism after researching a chronic pain condition that has affected her.

“I turned vegan for my health and after when I was looking for recipes and ways to get enough of each food group I became more informed on how the animals are treated” she previous told Great Vegan Athletes. “I can’t imagine ever turning back, or understand why I even thought it was natural in the first place.”

The win emphasises her position as one of the most exciting competitor in this growing sport.

Onwards and upwards as always!” she says. “Aiming to qualify for worlds next year!”

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