Julia’s vegan power wins at at ANZAC

It could be argued that it wasn’t the right time for Julia Trezise-Conroy to be competing in the Nationals.  A late offer to study Physiotherapy led to a relocation at short notice along with a new job and closure of her personal training business.  The life changes haven’t stopped her commitment to a handstand every day (she’s past 500 days and still going) or competing in the ANZAC powerlifting competition.

6 June 2019

Julia feels that she wasn’t at her best; some of her lifts were disqualified.”The red lights for squats were because I bailed out of the lifts (didn’t make it all the way back up)” she tells Great Vegan Athletes “and I think that was the same for the third bench, too. Deadlifts red lights were on technicalities.”

National records?

However, it’s important to remember that a mediocre day for a lifter of Julia’s calibre is a fantastic day for many other lifters.

Competing in the 52 kg class she squatted 105kg, benched 65 kg and deadlifted 130 kg.  All three lifts, plus the total, are unofficial New Zealand national records.  She hasn’t claimed them for two reasons.  One is that she feels they don’t represent what she’s capable of and plans bigger things.  The other is that “paperwork is not my forte!”

Julia won the female 52 kg class and also the female open category.

“I did manage to cut 3 kg over the three weeks prior to the meet” says Julia “and that was mostly due to a consistent diet of porridge and fruit for breakfast; rice, beans, and veggies for lunch; Arbonne protein shakes; and Sunfed vegan “Chicken” and vegetables for dinner. Coffee and chocolate also made a regular appearance I was still consuming 2000kcal per day right up to the last week.”

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