Indoor ski record goes to vegan athlete

Hege Jenssen took a break from her normal sport – and took a world record.

11 January 2023

The Norwegian approaches 13 years vegan and is a national and international competitor in Kettlebell. Earlier this year she took 9th in the Rouge Slingshot Challenge International.

Hege and her friend have just completed a gruelling challenge on the indoor skiing machine. The duo aimed for 100 kilometres between them on one machine. They completed it in 7 hours 23 minutes and 51 seconds.

As the Concept 2 Ski machine was linked centrally, this was verified as a world record.

Hege was very happy with the record.

“I got the idea from a friend who did the same, but only on the rower” she said. “During the pandemic and all gyms where closed here for a long time, I bought my own SkiErg. Then I started playing around with longer distances, and I did a marathon in 2021.”

Hege fuelled the record attempt by eating every 30 minutes. “It was energy gels, vegan candy, chocolate soy milk, apple juice and a coca cola during the last hour.”

Other vegans have broken similar records. Michaela Copenhaver broke a world indoor rowing record by accident while training. Denis Mikhaylove has broken the World 12 hour treadmill record.