Goodbye Glenda

Great Vegan Athletes has lost an athlete and friend with the unexpected death of Glenda Presutti.

13 June 2021

Great Vegan Athletes has lost an athlete and friend with the unexpected death of Glenda Presutti.

Glenda took up powerlifting relatively late in life and inspired latecomers to the sport, She was also a role model for women and vegan lifters. Glenda was recognised nationally in Australia and internationally with several world records.

She turned vegan in 2016 aged 60 after discovering the cruelty aspects. Glenda was also vegan in respect of personal care and household products.

“I discovered PETA and I began to read about all aspects of animal agriculture and all the cruelty related to use of animals” she told us. “I was horrified and began sharing these things. I was privately contacted by a vegan powerlifting friend who reached out to me and gave me some information so I thought, I want to do this. I’m just being a hypocrite to continue being an omnivore now that I knew the facts.”

She’s also been active in bringing the vegan message to others with a small group of vegan street activists. Glenda was a proud mum to her much oved whippets. In 2018 she was added to our site after qualifying easily with her national and international standard lifts.

Beating the injuries to smash records

Dogged by injuries, Glenda experienced a resurgence in her 60s and in 2018 took new national records. More success and more records followed, in both the 64 kg and 68 kg categories.

Perhaps her golden moment was a meet in 2020 when she broke an incredible seventeen records at national, continental and world level. The record haul is perhaps one that will never be repeated, and emphasised the standard she had reached.

Glenda was known and loved by her many friends in Australian powerlifting. She was always keen to share her stories with our site and give us background and anecdotes. We will miss the enthusiasm, humour and warmth which was always a feature of her emails. We will also treasure the photo she sent of her proudly wearing her Great Vegan Athletes Featured Powerlifter T-Shirt.

When I contacted her for advice to help my own (relatively pathetic) lifting, she was quick to respond, thorough and helpful. It would have been fantastic to have repaid her support with some successes.

We extend our condolences to her family and friends at this time. We thank Glenda for all she has done for us, the site, for powerlifting and for veganism. Rest in peace Glenda.

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