Gold for Meagan!

The Grand Prix is considered the second most important event after the World Championships and skaters need to qualify via performances in other leading events.

13 December 2014

Meagan and her partner Eric Radford aimed for the top three and a medal and after a busy year. Followingcompeting at the World Championships andWinter Olympics among others, it had been noted how demanding 2014 had been.

Theirfree skate routine was celebrated for a side-by-side triple lutz followed by landing a throw quadruple Salchow.

Meagan and Eric scored 220.72 ahead of the Russian pair (213.72) and the Chinese pair (194.31). Their score broke their own Canadian record and was the fourth highest score of all time.

This was the first Canadian pairsmedal since 2001-2.

Meagan spoke to Great Vegan Athletes soon afterwards.

"I'm so happy with our undefeated season so far. Its all coming as a shock to me" she told us. "This summer Eric and I chose to continue our skating career with a light, stress free approach. We are focused only on ourselves and trying to always be a better version of Meagan and Eric, instead of focusing on winning."

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